The United Kingdom is crisscrossed with numerous train and bus routes, and small regional airports throughout the country make flying easy and convenient. So why would a traveler opt for car hire over one of these methods? There are a number of reasons, and those reasons including convenience, savings and the ability to get to more remote destinations.

Trains, buses and planes have their own conveniences, the major one being that one doesn’t have to actually do the work of driving oneself from one place to the next. However, that has to be weighed against a number of inconveniences. There’s a limit to how much luggage one can actually carry. Trains, planes and buses also leave one at the mercy of someone else’s timetables, and this includes possible travel delays. Hiring a car and traveling at one’s own pace lets the traveler set the itinerary and carry as much as desired. Last-minute plans are easier to make or break. The cost of traveling by train, plane or bus is also a consideration. While fuel costs when driving are a significant expense, they still pale in comparison to some ticket prices. This is particularly true if tickets aren’t purchased well in advance or if the traveler wants to buy a ticket with some flexibility built in regarding travel times. In the end, the cost of hiring a car and driving it around the UK will most likely cost less than the alternatives.

Finally, many areas throughout the UK still can’t be reached by public transport. Travelers who would truly like to get off the beaten path and explore areas like the Highlands, coastal routes, the landscape of Devon and Cornwall and many other beautiful and wild places will be at a great disadvantage if they are trying to do so without a car. Even if buses and trains go to those areas, they may not take scenic routes. And by plane, of course, there is no opportunity to take in scenery at all. In parts of the countryside, car hire is an absolute necessity for getting around.

Even within cities, people may find that they prefer having a car to drive over using public transportation. Travelers might find the traffic and parking in major UK cities intimidating, but the fact is that plenty of residents drive around those cities each day and do so because they find it more convenient than relying on public transportation. Cab fares can add up and public transportation can take a lot longer to transport a person from one place to the other, so in the end, hiring a car may not only make the best financial sense but may be the best choice in terms of efficiency as well. You can make use of some great Groupon Deals for car hire that will help you save even more money when you are hiring a rental car on your trip.

The UK is a large country and many areas have limited or no public transportation. Travelling by car allows for far more flexibility. In the end, it is probably cheaper. And most importantly, it allows travellers to control the itinerary and choose where they want to go.