Anyone familiar with Disney’s ‘The Lion King,’ will also subconsciously be familiar with one of the most fitting Swahili phrases to describe Tanzania. Loosely meaning ‘ there are no worries,’ Tanzania’s hospitable nature and hot climate will leave even the most stress-prone holiday maker relaxed and rejuvenated with not a worry crossing their paths. Situated on the East of the African continent, Tanzania is reasonably large, consisting of 26 regions spread across the mainland and neighbouring island, Zanzibar. Generally speaking, when travelling to Zanzibar directly you’ll first need to fly into the capital, Dar Es Salaam and travel from there by charter plane. On there, you’ll also find details of places to stay in Tanzania. If you’re in Dar Es Salaam, I highly recommend Amani Beach Hotel, whilst if you’re in the north, the Arusha Safari Lodge is frequently well-rated. Depending on your needs, whether it be an exquisite beach hotel, or wildlife lodge, generally speaking you’ll have a world of choice. A word of advice though if you’re planning on braving the African plains – take plenty of mosquito repellent!

Tanzania is abundant in exciting activities. There are some you might expect; like safari’s, white sandy beaches, and nature reserves; and others you might not, such as hot air ballooning, scuba diving and chimpanzee treks. There are popular hotspots like Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park, and some less well known destinations like Mikumi Park and Selous Game Reserve. If you can, it’s worth-while squeezing in a visit Mount Kilimanjaro, if only to say you’ve been to the highest peak on the continent.

Along with the hospitality of the Tanzanian people, one of the best experiences in Tanzania is the food. The country is bursting with fresh, local produce of exotic fruits like coconuts, pawpaws and mangoes, and ripe from the ocean seafood. Dining in Tanzania can take a variety of forms, from gourmet cuisine to character-filled little eateries and seafront buffets. If you do find yourself in Zanzibar (which is a must), be sure to visit the Forodhani – an evening market/ buffet where local fisherman and grocers cook up their bounty of the day on a courtyard in Stone Town, overlooking the sunset.